Pledge to Switch it Up!

Did you know natural gas furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, fireplaces, and cooking appliances generate a staggering amount of British Columbia's climate pollution? British Columbia’s natural-gas homes together contribute the same amount of climate pollution each year as more than 870,000 vehicles. That’s huge!

Fortunately, solutions are close at hand in the form of healthier, non-polluting heating and cooking technologies. But, we know that home appliances are costly which is why we’re asking you to make the switch when the time is right for you.

So! What can you do now? Take the pledge to Switch it Up and choose zero-emission household cooking and heating appliances when you renovate or upgrade your home.

I pledge to choose modern, clean, all-electric appliances and equipment when I renovate or upgrade my home.

You're in good company

Gideon Berry Gideon B., Vancouver
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Karen Crosby Karen C., New Westminster
Mike Southworth Mike S., North Vancouver
Kody Baker Kody B., North Vancouver
Florian Riemersma Florian R., Port moody
Allison Carruthers Allison C., Vancouver
Sophie D Sophie D, Vancouver
Olivia Dean-Falys Olivia D., Abbotsford
Gord Kukec Gord K., Vancouver
Peter Luty Peter L., Port Alberni
Jamil James Jamil J., Vancouver
Cory Proulx Cory P., Victoria
Christopher Porter Christopher P., Vancouver
Alex Jamieson Alex J., North Vancouver
Amandeep Hayer Amandeep H., Surrey
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Rosalind Irving Rosalind I.
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Sue Dugaro Sue D., Victoria
Paula Iriarte Paula I., Vancouver