Home Heating

  • British Columbia’s grid electricity is exceptionally clean; at least 94 percent is generated from renewable sources. That makes an electric heat pump the most climate-forward home heating and cooling solution.

  • Replacing a gas furnace with a heat pump is one of the biggest moves you can make for the climate. Depending on the age of your home, you could shrink your carbon footprint by up to 87 per cent.

  • Heat pumps are three to four times more energy-efficient than natural-gas heating systems or electric baseboard heaters.

  • Every heat pump doubles as an air conditioner. In warmer months, you can hit a button and run it in reverse to cool your home!

  • In a well-insulated home, heat pumps can cost about the same to operate as a natural gas heating system. Provincial rebates help bring down the price of a heat pump, and many local governments now offer top-up incentives.

  • The City of Vancouver will require new-home builders to install zero-emissions space and water-heating systems, such as heat pumps, starting in 2022.