Victory! You Helped Vancouver Stay the Course on Climate!

Thanks in large part to your efforts, last night the City of Vancouver council voted to stay the course on its Climate Emergency Action Plan. With a vote of six to five, the Mayor Stewart and council elected to continue with a scheduled deadline that as of January 1, 2022, those building new homes in the city must install zero-emissions heating and hot water systems.

Natural gas furnaces and homes constitute the city's largest single source of climate pollution. Across the province, homes represent provincial gas utility’s largest source of revenue—in 2020, Fortis BC logged $776 million in revenue from residential accounts.

When we shared news that the city was entertaining a delay in its climate plan with our supporters and allies, the broader community stepped up and spoke out. Media covered it—including Vancouver is Awesome, the Journal of Commerce, and The Tyee.

Mayor Stewart and council received literally hundreds of letters urging them to stay the course, and vote down a recommendation that the city delay implementation of the new rule. In addition, a stunning 71 people registered to address council; overwhelmingly, speaker after speaker, demanded the city stick with its climate emergency commitments.

And it worked.

This was a huge win for the power of the people. The mayor cited the overwhelming demonstration of support for continued action in voting to stay the course.

That was you.Your letters. Your words, your actions... they mattered. Thank you!

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